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Touching Quotes


I am someone who is
looking for love... Real love...
Ridiculous, inconvient, consuming,
can't-live-without-each-other love...

I love you.
I find you fun, funny, attractive,
talkative yet sometimes quiet,
caring, easy to like, annoying,
lovable, great, hard to talk to,
easy to talk to, too secretive,
too open, too nice, really mean.
I think that you’re worth
all the awkwardness,
the fights, the arguing,
you’re worth all the tears,
you’re worth all the pain.
It doesn’t matter because
I think you’re worth it.

It takes more than a million people
to complete the world,
but it only takes you to complete mine.

A real man sees the first tear,
catches the second,
and stops the third.

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Many people will
walk in and out of your lives.
But only true friends will
leave footprints in your heart

I love my name
- just because of how you say it.
I love the way you stare at me
when you think I'm not looking.
I love the way you lean in close
whenever I tell you something,
even though we both know you heard me.
I love the sweet things you say to me,
even when I'm screaming at you.
I love how you love me
- and aren't afraid to show it.
I love how you make me
want to be a better person than
I ever thought I could be.
But mostly, I love you.
All the good things, all the bad,
all the mistakes, all the surprises,
all the imperfections, all of it...
just because they're yours.

If I hadn't met you,
I wouldn't like you.
If I didn't like you,
I wouldn't love you.
If I didn't love you,
I wouldn't miss you.
But I did, I do, and I will

I want a person who
comes into my life by accident,
and stays on purpose.

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A true man does not need
to romance a different girl every night,
a true man romances
the same girl for the rest of her life

It took me by surprise
when my heart got lose in his eyes...
He's not all what I was looking for...
He's all I wanted and so much more

I knew I loved you when
I realized that there was no one else
I would rather laugh,
cry and make memories with...

Find someone who you can love like crazy
and who'll love you the same way back.
You have to try,
because if you haven't tried,
you haven't lived.

It's sweet when someone
knows every single detail about you.
Not because you constantly remind them,
but because they pay attention.


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