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Touching Love Quotes


Everytime I say I love you...
I’m really trying to say so much more
than those three little words.
I’m trying to say you mean more to me
than anyone else in the world.
I’m trying to let you know that
I adore you and that
I cherish the time we spend together.
I’m trying to explain that
I want you and that I need you and that
I get lost in wonderful thoughts
every time I think about you.
And each time I whisper “I love you”,
I’m trying to remind you that
you’re the best thing that
has ever happened to me.

Who knows how long
I've loved you,
you know
I love you still.
Will I wait a lonely lifetime?
If you want me to
I will.

There's a smile on your face
that lets me know that you need me,
there's a truth in your eyes
saying you'll never leave me,
the touch of your hand
says you'll catch me whenever I fall,
you say it best....
when you say nothing at all.

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To the world
you may be one person
but to one person
you may be the world

Why do I love you?
Because I finally learned
what the word means,
and you were the one who showed me.

The more you love,
the more you lose a part of you.
Yet you dont become less of you are,
instead you end up being complete...

A kiss is just a kiss
till you find the one you love.
A hug is just a hug
till you find the one
you're always thinking of.
A dream is just a dream
till it comes true.
Love was just a word
till I heard it from you.

We all want to fall in love.
Why? Because that experience
makes us feel completely alive.
Where every sense is heightened,
every emotion is magnified,
our everyday reality is shattered
and we are flying into the heavens.
It may only last a moment,
an hour, an afternoon.
But that doesn't diminish its value.
Because we are left with memories
that we treasure for the rest of our lives.

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Will you love me for the rest of my life?...
No, I'll love you for the rest of mine.

What you do to me...
you melt my heart with your eyes,
you warm my soul with your voice,
you break my insecurities with your touch,
you make my head spin with your kiss,
you make my dreams come true with your love...

I think about you constantly,
whether it's with
my mind or my heart.

You justify my existence...
if i have not known you,
I wouldn't have lived,
if I die without knowing you,
I wouldn't die because I didn't live at all...


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