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Quotes For Him From The Heart


I always think of you before I fall asleep.
The words you said,
the things we laughed about,
and the silent moments we shared.

Because life isn't quite worth living
If I can't share it with someone like you

He may not be the most attractive,
he may not say all the right words,
but when you see him,
you know he's the one
that can make you smile, laugh,
and cry all at the same time.

I dont need to be your
I just want to be
*something* to you.

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I wanna be the reason
for the smile on your face
I wanna be the one
that you'll never replace
I wanna be the girl
who steals your heart
I want you to want us
to never be apart
I wanna wake up with you
lying by my side
I wanna be the one
you want to make your bride
I wanna hold you close,
wanna feel you hold me tight
I wanna fall asleep with you,
wanna be your guiding light
I wanna be the girl you see,
when you point and say 'thats her'
I wanna be the girl
to whom no-one can compare
I wanna be the one
you love until the end of time
I wanna be the reason that
you write these stupid rhymes
I wanna be your one and only,
you're every dream come true
I want ours to be a perfect love,
that others compare their's to
I wanna be your angel,
wanna be your fantasy
Just take a look around you baby,
we were meant to be.

Definition of destiny:
Something that was meant to be
or is going to be
Example: you and me

My boyfriend used to ask his mother,
'How can I find the right woman for me?'
and she would answer,
Don't worry about finding the right woman
- concentrate on becoming the right man.

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Your prince will come.
He may not be riding a white horse,
or have a big castle.
But he will want you, and only you,
and that will be better than any fairytale

My favorite place to be
is inside of your hugs
where it's warm and loving.
I Love You!

A boy is a magical creature,
you can lock him
out of your workshop,
but you can't lock him
out of your heart.
You can get him
out of your study,
but you can't get him
out of your mind

All at once, you look across
a crowded room for no one in particular,
just looking. Suddenly, you see him, but, oh,
how many times you've seen him before.
So why did your heart just skip a beat?
Your eyes meet by mere coincidence, or is it?
At that moment you both instantly know
that the relationship between the two of you,
will never be the same again.


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