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Love Words


How do you find
the words to say goodbye,
when your heart don't have
the heart to say goodbye?

I could look at you
and never look away,
I can face you
and never find the words to say.

Everyone says hate
is a strong word,
but they throw around love
like it's nothing.

If you express love
in a way your partner
does not understand,
he will not realise that
you have expressed
your love at all.

Her lips on his could tell him
better than all her stumbling words.

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Love is when you find someone
who is your best friend and
you can be yourself around them.
Its when words can't
come close to how you feel.
Its when you know
you are suposed to be together.
And if you have to wait forever...
You Will.

Never part without loving words
to think of during your absence.
It may be that you will
not meet again in this life.

Love is just a word until someone
you meet gives it a proper meaning.

SINGLE is NOT a status.
It's a word that best
describes a person
who is strong enough
to live and enjoy life
without depending on others.

Sweet are the words of Love,
sweeter his thoughts:
Sweetest of all what Love
nor says nor thinks.

Forever is not a word...
rather a place where two lovers
go when true love takes them there.

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Everytime I say I love you...
I'm really trying to say
so much more than
those three little words.
I'm trying to say
you mean more to me than
anyone else in the world.
I'm trying to let you know that
I adore you and that
I cherish the time we spend together.
I'm trying to explain that
I want you and that
I need you and that
I get lost in wonderful thoughts
everytime I think about you.
And each time I whisper "I love you",
I'm trying to remind you that
you're the best thing that
has ever happened to me.

I've learned that:
Goodbyes will always hurt,
pictures will never replace being there,
thanks is a feeble word,
memories forget the hard times,
words can never replace feelings,
and heros often go unsung.

Love, one word...
But so many memories.

Why are the words goodbye,
I’m sorry and I love you,
so easily pronounced,
but so hard to say?


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