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Love Quotes For Facebook


I want to refresh my mind.
delete all my problems,
undo all my mistakes and
save all the happy moments.

The way to love anything
is to realize that it may be lost.

You can't upload love,
you can't download time,
you can't Google all of life's answers.
You must actually live some of your life.

The awkward moment
when wikipedia has
copied your homework.

Facebook is like jail,
you sit around and waste time,
write on walls,
and get poked by people you don't know.

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If you friend request me on facebook
and your profile picture is a car,
I will assume you're a transformer.

Computer dating:
It's terrific if you're a computer.

I wish I could google
"things to eat in my fridge"
so I wouldnt have to go
downstairs and be disappointed.

Facebook is like a fridge.
When you're bored you keep
opening and closing it
every few minutes to see
if there's anything good in it.

Dear Internet Users,
Someday u will regret not reading me.
Sincerely, Terms & Conditions.

In the past, when you were angry
with someone you fought them.
Now you just delete them off Facebook.
That'll teach 'em to f*** with you.

Unless your name is GOOGLE...
Stop acting like you

Being popular on Facebook
is like sitting at the cool table
in the cafeteria at a mental hospital.

That awkward moment
when someone comments
on a really old picture and
you realize they were
probably stalking your page.

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Facebook is the only place
where it's acceptable to talk to a wall.

Wanna come over to MySpace
and Twitter my Yahoo till
I Google all over your Facebook?

Relationships are like fat people,
most of them don't work out.

Roses are red,
Facebook is blue,
No mutual friends,
Who the f*** are you?

Facebook is like a relationship:
Faithful on your wall,
but cheating in their inbox...

I changed all my passwords to 'incorrect'.
So my computer just tells me when I forget.

Closing all the internet windows
by the time your boss gets to your desk
is like getting the keys into the door
before the killer gets you.


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