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Breaking Up Quotes


Breaking up is not a stupid thing;
instead it makes you a better person
and realize your mistakes.

When love is lost,
do not bow your head in sadness;
instead keep your head up high
and gaze into heaven for
that is where your broken heart
has been sent to heal.

There's a girl in my mirror crying tonight,
and there's nothing
I can say to make her feel all right.

Maybe if I had just looked away
that first night you came towards me,
everything would be different
and my heart wouldn't be breaking right now.

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You flew off with the
wings of my heart
and left me flightless.

Now that I have loved
so purely and deeply,
I have realized
how lonely I really am.

You can put an old memory
out of your mind,
but the heart never forgets.

Some day you'll cry for me
like I cried for you,
Some day you'll miss me
like I missed you,
Some day you'll need me
like I needed you,
Some day you'll love me
but I won't love you.

Breaking up is just like
having the worst nightmare
after having the best dream.

Forget who hurt you yesterday,
But don't forget who loves you tenderly today.

You know you really love someone
when you can not hate them
for breaking your heart

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Each morning, when I wake up,
you are the reason I smile,
and you are the reason I love,
even if we aren't together anymore
you will always be that reason,
and for that reason I will keep going on
for I know I was once loved by you.

You know, it's kind of funny
how he is everything to me,
yet I am nothing to him

It hurts the most when you
can actually feel your heart breaking.

You might think you don't love them,
and you might wish them to die,
but when they do,
you are never quite the same,
because you don't know
what you love until it is gone

Maybe part of loving
is learning to let go.

No matter how many times
I tell you she'll break you heart,
or how many times she does it,
you'll never give up,
Why you ask?...
because you love her.

I know I should hate you,
but my heart is just so stupid
that it keeps right on loving you.


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